Spotlight for Windows Desktop

AuthorRAX Software
LicenseFreeware (Subsidized)
Release TypeStable
Release DateMarch 22, 2021
Supported OSesWindows 7/8.x/10
Special RequirementsMicrosoft .NET 4.5
Times downloaded:12903

Spotlight for Windows Desktop adds the Windows Spotlight wallpapers to your desktop, and adds Spotlight to lockscreen on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. Includes a GUI and Control Panel integration for easy configuration. Spotlight for Windows Desktop automatically downloads and images from the Windows Spotlight API on a regular basis and changes your desktop and lock screen images. Spotlight for Windows Desktop uses the same API used by Windows 10, providing the exact same images that a Windows 10 computer receives.

Based on open source code from Images supplied by Microsoft.

This product offers RAX Revenue Generation Service to subsidize development costs. You will be prompted to opt into idle computer resource donation during installation/updates. Users to opt in will be randomly selected to participate as necessary. You will not notice a difference in performance or software functionality regardless of your decision to opt in or whether your computer was selected for participation.

March 2, 2020: We got featured on Betanews! See it here.

New in v1.55: Fixes race condition in update process that caused the previous update to 1.54 to fail on some devices. Fixes missing fonts. Improves installation and update processes. See changelog for details.

July 2021:We've been featured as a recommended software product by Software Informer!


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