This page lists all of the software RAX offers for download. Click on a program for more information or to download it.

If you're looking for a specific program and it's not listed, check over in the "Developer's pet" section for the program, as it may not be officially released.

Recent Releases

Spotlight for Windows 7
Released February 13, 2019License: Freeware (Subsidized)
Spotlight for Windows 7 adds the Windows Spotlight wallpapers and lockscreen images to Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. Includes a GUI and Control Panel integration for easy configuration. Based on open source code from
RAX Application Platform v3.02
Released December 3, 2018License: Freeware (Subsidized)
RAX Application Platform is the common framework used by many of our applications.
WinHlp32 for Windows 10
Released November 28, 2018License: Freeware
This package adds the viewer for .hlp Help files to Windows 10 operating systems. Microsoft does not offer an official release of this viewer for Windows 10.
Acmine Minecraft Modpack
Released October 5, 2018License: Free, requires paid Minecraft license
A modpack for Minecraft with a focus on complexity and rube-goldberg like machinery.
RAX Revenue Generation Service
Released April 16, 2018License: Freeware
Software that uses your idle computer time to help fund development and maintenance costs.
AOL Removal Tool v0.61
Released June 27, 2017License: Freeware
AOL Removal Tool helps remove stubborn installations of America Online software from your computer.
Released December 24, 2014License: Freeware
A tool for unpacking the _sfx_ files found in IPD compressed Microsoft SFXCAB archives.
Wireless Network Site Monitor
Released December 24, 2011License: Freeware
Wireless Network Site Monitor discovers the networks around you.
InstallShield Information Tool
Released October 15, 2011License: Freeware
InstallShield Information Tool is a small command-line application to manage the contents of the "InstallShield Installation Information" folder in Program Files.
SFXCAB Substitute
Released October 8, 2011License: Freeware
SFXCAB Substitute is a replacement for Microsoft's SFXCAB utility. SFXCAB is used to create self-extracting cabinet files.