This page lists all of the software RAX offers for download. Click on a program for more information or to download it.

If you're looking for a specific program and it's not listed, check over in the "Developer's pet" section for the program, as it may not be officially released.

Recent Releases

Spotlight for Windows 7
Released October 21, 2018License: Freeware
Spotlight for Windows 7 adds the Windows Spotlight wallpapers and lockscreen images to Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. Includes a GUI and Control Panel integration for easy configuration. Based on open source code from
Acmine Minecraft Modpack
Released October 5, 2018License: Free
A modpack for Minecraft with a focus on complexity and rube-goldberg like machinery.
RAX RGS Client
Released April 16, 2018License: Freeware
Software that donates your idle computer time to help support future development.
RAX Application Platform v2.3b
Released June 28, 2017License: Freeware
RAX Application Platform is the common framework used by many of our applications.
AOL Removal Tool v0.61
Released June 27, 2017License: Freeware
AOL Removal Tool helps remove stubborn installations of America Online software from your computer.
Released December 24, 2014License: Freeware
A tool for unpacking the _sfx_ files found in IPD compressed Microsoft SFXCAB archives.
Wireless Network Site Monitor
Released December 24, 2011License: Freeware
Wireless Network Site Monitor discovers the networks around you.
InstallShield Information Tool
Released October 15, 2011License: Freeware
InstallShield Information Tool is a small command-line application to manage the contents of the "InstallShield Installation Information" folder in Program Files.
SFXCAB Substitute
Released October 8, 2011License: Freeware
SFXCAB Substitute is a replacement for Microsoft's SFXCAB utility. SFXCAB is used to create self-extracting cabinet files.
Hotfix Hacker v1.1.0.20 Beta
Released October 8, 2011License: Freeware
Hotfix Hacker is a GUI tool for building and customizing Windows Hotfix (update) packages.