Untune Enrollment Remover

Release TypeBeta
Release DateJuly 5, 2021
Supported OSesWindows 10
Special Requirements
Times downloaded:1234

Untune Enrollment Remover is a utility for cleaning up stale Microsoft Intune device enrollments. This utility allows system administrators to easily remove enrollment data so a device can be re-enrolled without fully wiping the device. It is helpful for correcting scenarios such as:
  • Device was deleted from Intune admin console without being properly retired or wiped.
  • Device retirement failed or is partially complete and stuck.
  • Device Intune certificate is expired due to extended inactivity.
  • Device Intune certificate is missing.
  • Device erroneously reports that it is "Managed by another organization" when trying to enroll it.
  • Device is enrolled in a defunct Intune tenant.
  • Device produces an error when disconnecting from work or school.
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