RAX Revenue Generation Service

AuthorRAX Technologies
Release TypeStable
Release DateApril 16, 2018
Supported OSesWindows 7/8/10
Special Requirements
Times downloaded:1333

This software uses your idle computer resources to help RAX cover development and maintenance costs.

Computers that participate will take part in a variety of activities primarily consisting of cryptocurrency mining, with occasional assignments for scientific research, data analytics, and similar work. We use the proceeds of these activities to fund development and bring you more great software.

We offer RGS instead of the more conventional donation or paid software models because we don't want to beg our users for money. RGS is a solution that requires no effort or money on your part. Simply install, and leave your PC on when you're not around. RGS takes care of the rest, fetching assignments and sending results when you're away from your PC. When you come back, we automatically stop work so you don't see an impact on your computer performance.

Some of our products require your participation in RGS as a condition of their license. These products will indicate this in their license agreement.

Warning: This software contains components capable of downloading or running cryptocurrency mining software. As a result, it may flag as "Trojan" or "Downloader" on some antivirus packages. Please whitelist the software if your antivirus detects it.

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